Join us for the latest episode of the She Means Business Podcast, hosted by Ashley Mastowski with guest, Elizabeth Culley, Owner of GravityCerts.

Elizabeth opens up about her journey, including the challenges of managing a business remotely, navigating personal and professional transitions, and her commitment to innovation in the insurance industry.

Features includes with GravityCerts websites are quote intake forms, quote proposal software, and client center.  These interface with API integrations to help agencies grow their business.

Episode Highlights

  • Elizabeth shares her journey of falling into the insurance industry and finding purpose in helping people protect their assets, despite facing challenges as a woman in the industry. (3:48)
  • Elizabeth discusses the challenges of transitioning from business owner to employee, while also dealing with the loss of relationships and the need to reinvent herself. (13:31)
  • Elizabeth shares that she started her successful insurance agency by implementing strategies learned from conferences and experiences, but after facing challenges and burnout, she decided to create tools for other agencies to benefit from. (18:33)
  • Elizabeth explains that creating a user-friendly and efficient back-end website is crucial for both clients and staff, as it helps streamline processes and organize information effectively. (22:45)
  • Elizabeth mentions that automating processes and utilizing a website as the main tool for an agency can save time and money, boost rankings on Google, and drive traffic to the site. (28:00
  • Elizabeth discusses how navigating the challenges of technology and the insurance industry requires patience and perseverance, as both require time and effort to fix and connect underlying issues. (33:37)
  • Elizabeth believes that steady growth may not be as flashy or exciting as rapid expansion, but it allows for a more intentional and purposeful approach that ensures quality service and client retention. (39:52)

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