About Our Company

GravityCerts was created by independent insurance agency owners after we developed our scratch agency. Over the last several years we developed tools for ourselves, because we couldn’t find services that matched our needs, or the services were too pricey for a scratch agency. We are a team consisting of an insurance agent of 20+ years experience, and a web developer of 17+ years experience, we kept perfecting and creating our own tools for our clients.

We built our agency dashboard website to solve the problem of keeping all our agency related information, files, contacts, carrier information, and more in one organized place. A system our entire team could access from any device with an internet connection. As we expanded our dashboard, we added training materials, onboarding instructions, and how-to videos.

We started using another AMS, but we wanted and needed integration with our website, so we made the switch to Nowcerts. We still found, the only option to integrate our quote forms and video proposals with Nowcerts was through Zapier. This still had its issues, so we developed our own custom WordPress plugin that integrates directly with Gravity Forms and Nowcerts, without the need for another 3rd party service.

Since we are agency owners ourselves, we understand the unique needs agency owners require with their website, quote forms, API integration, and more. We also listened to feedback from our own clients, and created tools specifically to help them.

That’s why we created Quote Proposals. Our quote proposal system is the most comprehensive quote proposal system available, since it was built by an actual insurance agent. We wanted a quick, but fully detailed proposal system clients could understand easily, and on our website. We didn’t want another service where our clients go to a 3rd party website instead of ours. So we custom built Quote Proposals to solve this problem. We wanted clients spending time on our website viewing video proposals, filling out quote forms, etc. which has boosted our SEO.

As part of multiple Facebook groups, IAOA, and other insurance organizations, many other agency owners voiced that they are experiencing the same problems we solved for ourselves. So GravityCerts was born, out of a desire to help other agency owners solve problems that we found were lacking in the industry.

We take client feedback very seriously, and like the challenge of developing solutions that don’t exist. Get started with GravityCerts today.

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