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Keep track of all your contacts, mortgagees, documents, or anything else, in one centralized location for your agency.

As you agency grows, you need somewhere to keep all your training materials, contacts, and more.  The agency dashboard is a second website accessible only to your agency staff, or whoever you allow access. Your agency dashboard is mobile friendly, so all your agents and staff can access important information securely or on the go.

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Our agency dashboard was built by insurance agents and for insurance agents. It can be hard to keep all your agency information organized, categorized, and easily accessible.  GravityCerts agency dashboard is the solution for every agency, large or small. Here are some of the benefits of having your very own dashboard.

  • Keep all carrier contacts, files, marketing materials, phone numbers, underwriters information, and anything you need per carrier in one location.
  • Categorize your contacts based on writing state, whether they download or are manual entry into your AMS, lines of business each carrier writes, and more. Want to see all of your carriers who write recreational vehicles in a specific state? No problem.  Just set up your categories and easily find your carrier information.
  • Store all new employee related training and onboarding in one location, and create a step by step walkthrough for their onboarding process.
  • Store training scripts, how-tos, agency standards, claim intake questionnaires, or anything else related to your agency.
  • Keep unwanted users out of your dashboard.  Your agency dashboard is fully locked down to logged in users only. If a person attempts to view a page on your dashboard who does not have user credentials, the person will be redirected to your login page.
  • Collect lists of helpful resources and links to other resources handy. Link straight to Hazard Hub’s distance to fire hydrant calculator, or  FEMA’s flood property search tool. Your linking ability is endless.
  • We keep a list of some of the largest Mortgagees information already available when your dashboard is first created.  Already included are their mortgagee clause, phone, fax, and in most cases links to upload dec pages to their website on or other lender website.  Chances are, we already have the most common lenders information available that your agency uses.
  • When you sign up for the agency dashboard, just let us know which types to grouped content you would like.  We already have these categories created, but are happy to add any group your agency requires:
    • Companies – Keeps a list of all your carriers, brokers, finance companies, miscellaneous services, and more.
    • Mortgagees – Lists all lender names and mortgagee clauses, with phone, email, fax, websites, and even PIN codes.
    • Condo Associations – List of condo association information, including address, flood zone, number of buildings, number of units, construction type, roof type, list of files, additional notes, and more.
    • Resources – Blog style resources, easily categorized and tagged for each archive and search.
  • Allow your agency staff, or even virtual assistants to edit and create information, or only allow agency staff to edit certain areas of your dashboard.
  • Add a new agent welcome video to your onboarding page so new employees feel welcome and excited to work for your agency.
  • Videos can be embedded almost anywhere in your agency dashboard.  This is great for How To articles.

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Agency Dashboard (A La Carte Option)

GravityCerts is proud to now offer the Agency Dashboard as its own standalone product. The a la carte version of the Dashboard is perfect for agencies who already have a website elsewhere, but still want to keep their agency organized. Because the Dashboard is a separate website from your primary website, you don’t have to worry about any conflicts between your dashboard and your primary website.

Most agencies use the Dashboard on a subdomain, i.e. or  If you need help, we can assist you with creating your sub domain.

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