Cover Whale Trucking Quote Form

Trucking Quote Form with Cover Whale Integration.

Everything you need for your prospects to get accurate trucking quote indications.

Laptop screenshot showing a GravityCerts form with Cover Whale integration
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Cover Whale has quickly become the go-to insurance provider for America’s truckers.

GravityCerts has developed an integration with Cover Whale that allows a quote intake form to submit directly from your agency’s website into Cover Whale to provide accurate quote indications.


Integration Without Limits.

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Data Collection

Collect information from prospects without worrying about data caps. With the form imported into your website, the ability to gather client submissions is endless.

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Customer Experience

Our Cover Whale trucking form functions seamlessly with your current WordPress website design. Send prospects a link from your website to access the digital form.

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Powerful Integrations

Compatible with any of our other integration partners, dozens of other 3rd party addons, or other integration services that work with Gravity Forms.


How It Works.

No iframes, embed codes, or links to 3rd party services. Lead capture is accomplished all through your WordPress website using the Cover Whale trucking form.

Download the ZIP file to your computer, import the form, then import the Cover Whale configuration file and you’re ready to go!*

One Time Purchase

What Are You Waiting For? Normally $1,495.

Now only $995

Fast Setup

Easy 5 Minute Install.

Installation and set up of this form should only take about five minutes.

Full instructions are included, and designed for beginners with little to no WordPress experience.


What’s Included.

This download is a ZIP file that includes the following four files.

  • 1
    Form Import File
  • 2
    Cover Whale Feed Configuration File
  • 3
    Feed Import Helper Plugin
  • 4
    Instruction Manual

You also need our GravityCerts Plugin and Gravity Forms.
(Purchased separately)

Get Started

Unlock Your Agency’s Potential.

Whether you’re flying solo or leading the trucking insurance industry, GravityCerts has easy transparent pricing. Get the most powerful custom trucking quote form integrated directly with Cover Whale.

One time purchase, normally $1,495.

Now only $995

*Requirements: A website built using WordPress, Gravity Forms form builder plugin, GravityCerts plugin, and this form.

Full installation instructions included with download. After purchase, download the ZIP file to your computer, then extract the folder. Double click on the file titled README.html to open the instructions in your favorite web browser.

How to open a ZIP file on Windows 10
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2. Right-click on the ZIP file and select “Extract All…” Once you select “Extract All”, you will get a new pop-up menu.
3. In the pop-up menu, select a location to extract the files. If you want the files to be extracted in another location, click “Browse” and select your destination.
4. Once you’ve selected your destination folder, click “OK”. (Make sure to check “Show extracted files when complete” so you can immediately find the unzipped files after it is opened and extracted.
5. Finally, click “Extract” in the pop-up menu. Once extraction is complete, a window will pop-up, displaying all the extracted files from within the ZIP file.

How to open a ZIP file on Mac
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