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Documents Now Available in the Client Center

The newest, and most requested, addition to the Client Center is here!

This has been a long awaited undertaking, so we are super excited to make documents available in the Client Center. Only files placed inside the “Insured Visible Files” folder in Nowcerts are visible to clients.

Now its easier than ever to share important documents, policies, auto ID cards, and more with your clients.

You can even create subfolders inside subfolders for easy file organization for your clients. But that’s not all… Your clients have the ability to upload files and create folders themselves!

What is the Client Center?

GravityCerts built the Client Center using Nowcerts API so clients of insurance agencies would have the ability to log into the agency’s website to view their own policy information, coverages, contacts, drivers, vehicles, properties, and more. Insureds are able to create an account on your GravityCerts hosted website. Once logged in, the Client Center will find all the Insured’s accounts based on their email address. This way your clients can easily toggle between personal and commercial accounts, if they exist in your Nowcerts AMS.

Benefits of the Client Center

We know many independent insurance agencies write business in multiple states. And clients may have insurance needs in multiple states that a single agency can provide.

For example…

Your client may have a primary home and a couple vehicles in California. He also has a secondary home in Arizona with a vehicle in the garage. He also owns a condo in Nevada.  And his primary business is in California.  Because your agency writes business in all those states, and you take care of the client as a whole, your agency is able to take care of all the client’s insurance needs. As you can see, this client may have a dozen policies between his personal and commercial business.  Having the Client Center on your agency’s website allows this client to log in and view all his policies all in one place!  Your agency now provides a tremendous benefit to your client far and above other competing agencies.

Now with Documents available, this benefit to your client has increased dramatically.  He can view all documents related to his personal policies.  Then he can switch to his commercial account and download documents for his business.  Because documents can be organized into Folders, it makes finding what he needs simple and easy to navigate.

Additional Features

Not only can clients view documents, but they can create folders, and upload documents too.  When a client uploads a file, it uploads directly into Nowcerts into the specific folder the client has navigated into.  Your client can even create a new folder inside another folder, then upload multiple files into that folder they just created.

But that’s not all.  When your client uploads files using the Client Center, the agent of record will receive an email notification, so the agent will know when new files are added.

How to Share Documents with Clients

Sharing documents in the Client Center is easy.  Go to the Documents tab in Nowcerts while viewing an Insured’s overview page.  Click the Insured Visible Files folder, then create folders and/or upload documents.  Any file or folder inside the red folder named Insured Visible Files is accessible to your client in the Client Center.  This makes it easy to share ONLY the documents you choose to share with the client.  That way they don’t need to see all your quotes, binders, apps, and other documents that are not important for your clients to see.

Best of all is that there are no wait times for clients.  As soon as a document is uploaded into Nowcerts, the client only needs to refresh the browser window, or click the Documents tab in the Client Center to get all the latest files.  So your agency can share documents with clients in real-time.  Its perfect when a client is logged into the Client Center, and on the phone with their agent at the same time.  You client can simply refresh the page to view any new documents the agent uploads.

How do I get the Client Center?

We’re glad you asked!  The Client Center is available to all agencies who have a GravityCerts hosted website and have purchased the Agency Pass. Having a Nowcerts account is also required.  Nowcerts charges for API access as an additional user with role “API Integration”.  If you need help creating a new user inside Nowcerts with the correct user role, feel free to reach out to us, or contact Nowcerts support.

If you’re interested in learning more, or would like a demo of the Client Center, please schedule an appointment with us. Otherwise, if you’re ready to get started, get your Agency Pass today.

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