GravityCerts Plugin

Use your online forms to quickly and easily send submissions from Gravity Forms to NowCerts, with GravityCerts for WordPress.

Ready to send your forms into your Nowcerts account?

GravityCerts Plugin is designed as an addon plugin for Gravity Forms. So if you already have a website and Gravity Forms, you can easily send your form submissions into your Nowcerts account. Gravity Forms is required for GravityCerts to work. If you don’t already have Gravity Forms, you can purchase it on their website (opens in new tab).

Custom Integrations Include:

Nowcerts Integration


Automate365 Integration


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Canopy Connect



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Cover Whale

Ease of Use

Easy To Use

Supercharge your forms

Quickly set up your Gravity Forms to send your form submissions into NowCerts. Select your fields, configure your options, and easily map form submissions into NowCerts.

Conditional Logic

It’s not really magic

Conditional logic allows your to control what information is sent to NowCerts from your forms. Based on the questions your user provides, you can tailor the NowCerts data submission specifically to your needs.

Conditional Logic
Send What Matters

Send Only What Matters

So many wonderful choices

Whether you want to send all your form data to NowCerts, or just a few fields, GravityCerts can do just that.  Map only the form fields you want into NowCerts, or send them all.  Even choose to send uploaded files into Nowcerts with the click of a button. Easy peasy.

Configure your quote forms in seconds

Just enter your GravityCerts license key, and your Nowcerts ID, username, and password. Then under each form’s Setting submenu, click GravityCerts. The plugin defaults to sending all form data, so if that’s good for you, just give your feed a name and click Update Settings.  That’s it.

Watch a quick demo showing how the plugin works and how to get your form information into Nowcerts.

GravityCerts Plugin Settings
GravityCerts Plugin Forms Submenu Item
GravityCerts Plugin Feed Setting Options

Send Your First Form to NowCerts Now

Start sending your quote and service request forms from your WordPress website into NowCerts in just minutes. No programming knowledge required! Yeah, it really is that easy.