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Canopy Connect + Gravity Forms Integration from GravityCerts

GravityCerts is super excited to announce our latest integration with Canopy Connect, making it even easier for your agency to collect client’s information. Now prospects can import client information from Canopy Connect, auto-populating your quote intake forms.  This speeds up the quote intake process for prospects by 10x because the majority of your forms will be populated automatically.

What is Canopy Connect?

Canopy Connect enables consumers to instantly, and securely, share their insurance information you in seconds.  Your prospect selects their current insurance carrier and grants access to import their insurance in less than 12 seconds.

Collect declaration pages, drivers, dwellings, claims, contact info, documents and more – instantly and securely.

  • No more back and forth over email or phone.
  • No more missing VINs, drivers license numbers, or date of births.
  • Easiest way to collect personal lines information from prospect.

Your agency then has access to accurate info across all of your client’s insurance policies because the policy info is pulled via an API connection directly from the insurance carrier. Canopy Connect helps your agency create deeper client relationships by delivering value instead of collecting data.  Save your client, and staff, 30+ minutes of data collection by using Canopy Connect.

Canopy Connect maintains the highest security standards and compliance monitoring with end-to-end encryption.

Canopy Connect Integration From GravityCerts

We wanted to make the process of collecting prospect information using your Gravity Forms quote intake forms easy.  So we partnered with Canopy Connect to develop a simple way for your agency to integrate your quote forms with Canopy Connect.

Our custom built solution will populate your quote intake forms with info imported from Canopy Connect. Pre-populate insured info, property info, drivers, vehicles, policy info, and even documents.

Instead of taking 5-10 minutes for prospects to submit an online quote, give them the option to use Canopy Connect.  Then it only takes 20-30 seconds for prospects to submit the info you need to start quoting.

Data from Canopy Connect is stored as Entry data so it’s easy to export or save the full quote submission as a PDF.

Canopy Connect data saved with entry condensed and expanded views

Click image to view expanded client information.
(Sample data used for illustration purposes)

Deeper Integration With Nowcerts

To further improve integration, and streamline your agency even further… GravityCerts even added integration with Nowcerts.  Using Canopy Connect, your prospect can import their insurance from their current carrier, and populate your quote intake forms in seconds.  Upon submission, GravityCerts will send the information from Canopy Connect directly into Nowcerts, creating a new prospect.

Included with the new prospect are all the properties, vehicles, drivers, and yes even documents.  Visit the Files tab in Nowcerts and see a list of all the files downloaded directly from their current insurance carrier.  Dec pages, auto ID cards, whatever the carrier provides, will be available automatically in Nowcerts.

All this awesomeness is shared securely using your agency’s Canopy Connect API key and Nowcerts API user.

Example Data Flow:

  • Prospect visits your online quote page on your website.
  • Prospect clicks “Import My Insurance”, sharing their insurance info and pre-filling your quote form with their data.

  • Prospect submits quote online.
  • Data is sent to Nowcerts, creating the prospect, drivers, properties, vehicles, & files.

Yes, its really that easy.  Save your staff hours of time collecting info from prospects by using GravityCerts and Canopy Connect.

To learn how to setup Canopy Connect with your forms and send client data into Nowcerts, please visit our documentation.

If you would like to learn more about Canopy Connect, please reach out to them. View pricing or book a demo

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GravityCerts does not have a paid partnership or affiliate agreement with Canopy Connect. Both companies simply share a common interest to make the world a better place for agencies, by creating tools to help streamline the insurance process and help your agency grow.

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