David Carothers, from The Power Producers Podcast, and co-host Kyle Houck, interviewed Elizabeth Culley, owner of GravityCerts. Elizabeth discusses how GravityCerts is revolutionizing websites for independent insurance agencies.

Features includes with GravityCerts websites are quote intake forms, quote proposal software, and client center.  These interface with API integrations to help agencies grow their business.

Episode Highlights

  • Elizabeth shares that she has been in the insurance industry for 20 years and was formerly a captive agent with Farmers Insurance. (5:43)
  • Elizabeth discusses how she started GravityCerts and how she built a successful work environment. (12:18)
  • Elizabeth explains the different kinds of websites GravityCerts offers in the market, as well as the feature of the online quote forms they developed to reduce duplicate data entry. (16:13)
  • Elizabeth discusses the feature of the Quote Proposal software they developed and how it simplifies the sales process from beginning to end. (22:17)
  • Elizabeth discusses their client portal which allows clients to be able to go into their agency, view all of their different policies with different carriers, request policy changes, get auto ID cards, get a copy of a policy, request and download COI’s. (25:34)
  • Elizabeth discusses the GravityCerts integrations that are now live and others that are in development. (33:37)
  • Elizabeth mentions that they are trying to achieve and maintain balance with all of their integration partners, as well as to collaborate with other companies that provide open API’s. (37:47)
  • Elizabeth explains that everyone should be looking for ways to automate their agency and integrate as much as possible in order to ensure that their team is set up to guarantee the business’s success and generate more leads. (55:43)

Quotes from Elizabeth

“We’re trying to get and be balanced with all of our integration partners. So we want to have some raters, we want to have some AMS, we want to have some CRM’s. But we don’t want to have like everybody out there because not everybody is on the same page with us technology wise. ” – Elizabeth Culley

“We created this portal for the clients to be able to log into our agency, see all their different policies with their different carriers, request policy changes, get their auto ID cards, get a copy of their policy, request COI’s, download COI’s…looks like a full service portal for them after they become a client.” – Elizabeth Culley

“Everybody should be looking for ways to automate their agency, to integrate as much as possible, to make sure that your team is set up so that you guys can be successful and getting leads in.” – Elizabeth Culley

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