In order to utilize GravityCerts, which is a separate WordPress plugin, you’ll need to first install and activate the plugin.

1. Downloading Extension(s)

GravityCerts paid extensions are not available via the Plugin Directory. They need to be downloaded from our site after you have made a successful purchase. There are several ways to access extension files:

  • Your email receipt will either have download links or instructions on how to access from our site.
  • If you purchased a license, you can access extensions via your account by going to My Account → Purchase History.

2. Installing via WordPress

The process is just like installing a normal plugin. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins → Add New.

Wordpress Dashboard - Plugins - Add New

From there you’ll see an option for Upload Plugin.

Wordpress Dashboard - Add Plugins

Use the file browser, navigate your computer files and select the .ZIP file for your downloaded extension.


Once it’s uploaded, click the “Activate” link.

Wordpress Dashboard Install Plugin

3. After Installing

Once you’ve installed and activated your plugin, there are several things you should do.

Activate Your License

You’ll want to go to Forms → Settings → GravityCerts and enter the key there.

Read the Documentation

GravityCerts comes with complete documentation. You can find all our documentation by going to

Configure Settings

GravityCerts settings can be found on the Settings Submenu under each of your Gravity Forms. The menu is labeled “GravityCerts”.


The API key does not save. For example, my GravityCerts API key will not save in the settings.

It’s possible your host does not support cURL. Reach out to your hosting provider to confirm cURL is supported and installed.