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AgencyZoom + GravityCerts Integration

We recently launched our new direct integration with AgencyZoom. It’s another step in our master plan to fuel independent agencies.

Integration with AgencyZoom

Once your prospect has completed an online quote request on your website, GravityCerts will push that data right into your AgencyZoom account, which will reduce duplicate data entry and save you time.

Quote requests and other form submissions from your GravityCerts website are saved to your AgencyZoom account in real time for tracking, communications, and automation. This means you can be the fastest agency to respond with an automatic text or email – and you can get the prospect to stop shopping!

How do I set up the integration?

Setting up your integration is fast and easy.

  1. Get your Webhook URL from your AgencyZoom account.
  2. In your website dashboard go to Forms > Settings, then click GravityCerts.
  3. Paste your Webhook URL in the AgencyZoom webhook url text field, then click Save.
  4. Navigate to your Forms List. Hover over the desired form, then click Settings > GravityCerts.
  5. Click Add New to create a new feed, then choose AgencyZoom from the action options.
  6. Configure your settings, enable Feed Condition if you wish, then click Save Settings.

If you already have a GravityCerts hosted website the AgencyZoom integration is already available.

If you downloaded the plugin only, please make sure to update to the latest version of GravityCerts.

Learn more about AgencyZoom

Get Gravity Forms form builder plugin.

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