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New: Insert Claims, PDFs, and more

Introducing Claims

With the latest version of GravityCerts 1.1.7, we introduce the additional feed Insert Claim for Nowcerts.

The available claim types that may be created include:

  • General Claim
  • Auto Claim
  • Property Claim
  • Workers Comp Claim
  • General Liability Claim
Insert Claim into Nowcerts using GravityCerts

After selecting Insert Claim, choose the Status of the claim, Claim Type, and select your form fields that should be used to create the claim. Each claim type has their own unique additional fields to choose from once the Claim Type is selected. Merge Tags and custom fields are also supported.

To successfully insert a new claim into an Insured’s account in Nowcerts, insured’s first name, last name, and email should be included in the feed.

Automatically Upload Form Submissions as PDFs

Looking to save a copy of form submissions to the client’s account without the need to download the email confirmation then re-upload into Nowcerts? Looking to reduce E&O exposure for your agency by keeping a record of each form submission saved as a PDF?

Now you can with GravityCerts latest update.

GravityCerts is now compatible with Gravity PDF, the ultimate self-hosted solution for dynamically creating PDFs. Gravity PDF is an easy-to-use, highly customizable PDF generation plugin designed for use with Gravity Forms. GravityCerts is compatible with the Free and Pro versions of Gravity PDF.

Use Gravity PDF to configure customized PDFs in minutes. Then use GravityCerts to automatically upload these PDFs into Nowcerts when a person submits one of your forms.

How Do I Upload PDFs Automatically?

Gravity PDF settings menu

1. Download and activate Gravity PDF (Free or Pro version)

2. Gravity PDF provides an easy 5 minute installation instruction article with a demo video.

3. Once Gravity PDF is configured, PDFs are uploaded automatically when Include Attachments is toggled On for feeds that have this option available. These feeds include Insert Prospect, Insert/Update Prospect or Insured with Custom Fields, and Insert Primary Named Insured.

Gravity PDF is a third party company separate from GravityCerts. Any support requests regarding Gravity PDF should be directed to their friendly support staff.

Improved Logging for Quote Proposals and Client Center

Nobody likes E&O claims.  As insurance agency owners, we all know how important it can be to document everything. To help improve documentation in the event of an E&O claim, GravityCerts now logs when a user views Quote Proposals, and logs into their Client Center.

Quote Proposal Logging

A timestamped record of the email used and date/time is logged when a client views their quote proposal. If you use Nowcerts AMS, this timestamp will automatically be sent as a Note into their account. Now agencies can keep track of who is viewing the proposal and when.  And because it’s logged into Nowcerts as a note, your agency will have an archived record in case any disputes arise.

Client Center Logging

Whenever a client visits their Client Center on your website, a Note is automatically created in Nowcerts in the client’s account. This way its easy to keep accurate records of who and when clients access their policy information and documents in their Client Center.

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