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Upload Files, Reorder Feeds, and more

Upload Files to Nowcerts with Form Submissions

GravityCerts version 1.1.3 introduces the new ability to upload files into Nowcerts when creating a prospect. Now its easier, and faster than ever, to attach files into a new lead’s account.

File uploads are available with the Insert Prospect feed or Insert Primary Named Insured feed. An additional toggle has been added to these feeds, and is turned “On” by default.  So if you already use one of these feeds with your forms, file attachments will automatically be included and uploaded when forms are submitted.

Reorder feeds toggle with Insert Property and Insert Primary Named Insured feeds in GravityCerts plugin

File types and the number of files are only limited by the setting in your file upload fields. You may even add multiple file upload fields within your form. GravityCerts will find all attachments uploaded to a form submission, and upload everything directly into the Files in a prospect’s account in Nowcerts.

If you don’t want files to be uploaded automatically, simply go into your feed settings and toggle off, Include Attachments.

We understand automation and integration is critical for the modern insurance agency, so adding file uploads will not only save time, but improve productivity and save money. But that’s not all… we have additional new features available and more coming soon!

More Property Fields Available to Send into Nowcerts

We also added quite a few more mappable fields when inserting a property into Nowcerts. Using the Insert Property feed, you now have all the fields  from Nowcerts property details page inside box Additional, Additional 1, and Additional 2.

New additional mappable fields include:

Additional Section

  • Number of Full Time Employees

  • Number of Part Time Employees

  • Annual Revenues

  • Occupied Percent
  • Occupied Area
  • Open to Public Area
  • Total Building Area
  • Any Area Leased to Others
  • Occupancy Description

Additional 1 Section

  • Construction

  • Year Built

  • Number of Stories

  • Roof Material

  • Residence Type

  • Dwelling Use

  • Fire Protection Class

  • Distance to Fire Station

  • Distance to Hydrant

  • Air Conditioning

Additional 2 Section

  • Dwelling Style

  • Estimated Replacement Cost

  • Number of Units

  • Primary Heat Source

  • Number of Families

  • Number of Hearths

  • Number of Pools

  • Number of Chimneys

  • Garage Type

  • Parking Area

  • Garage – Number of Vehicles

Reorder Feeds

Sometimes feeds need to be triggered in a specific order. Now you can drag and drop the steps into the right order.

This is important when adding drivers, vehicles, or properties. A prospect must be created first, before drivers, vehicles, or properties can be inserted into the prospect’s account.

For example: Use the Insert Prospect feed to create a prospect and upload attached files. Then create an Insert Property feed to add the property details to the prospect. Next, add multiple drivers using the Insert Driver feed, and also add some Insert Vehicle feeds. Finally, add a Create an Opportunity feed to add the prospect as an opportunity.

Feeds can be stacked one after the other, then easily reordered so they run in the correct order.

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