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Simplifying Trucking Quotes: Introducing the New Cover Whale and GravityCerts Integration

We are thrilled to announce our latest integration with Cover Whale and GravityCerts. This integration allows agencies who offer commercial trucking insurance to provide clients with better, faster coverage.

With our seamless integration of GravityCerts and Cover Whale, insurance agents no longer need to manually collect the data, and re-type it into Cover Whale.

We help save you valuable time and effort by automatically sending our custom built Trucking Quote Form directly to Cover Whale to begin a new quote. Cover Whale then processes the submitted data and sends an accurate quote indication back to your website. Once the indication is received back to your website, it can automatically email the prospect, informing them of their quote premium estimation.

This makes it a win-win for everyone involved!

Laptop displaying Cover Whale Trucking Quote Form

Send the prospect a link to your Trucking Quote Form on your website. Your prospect can enter multiple drivers, trucks, trailers, and commodities. Then seamlessly send it all to Cover Whale for fast, easy, accurate, trucking insurance quotes.

Increase your SEO rankings by using your website links, and improve your closing ratio by providing accurate quote premiums to prospects.

The Cover Whale integration can be activated through our GravityCerts Plugin. To optimize our integration, we created a custom Cover Whale Trucking Form with all the necessary questions Cover Whale requires, formatted correctly. This form is created using Gravity Forms form builder.

We even extended the functionality of Gravity Forms itself to enable proper formatting for multiple drivers, and vehicles when using form List Fields. We added the option to turn regular text fields into dropdown fields when using a List Field. Check a box to enable a dropdown per column, then enter the each dropdown label. Even optionally add different label/value pairs. More about dropdowns for List Fields will be coming soon.

Get our GravityCerts Plugin and Cover Whale Trucking Quote Form by clicking below. If you’re interested in seeing more, please pick a time our calendar to book a demo.

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