Adding FAQs to your website can greatly help your users to find answers to common questions, so you don’t need to spend valuable time answering the same thing over and over. FAQs also build credibility and trust with the user, because it shows you know the answers to their questions before they even ask. Adding a new FAQ is pretty simple.

  1. In your GravityCerts website admin, click FAQs > Add New.
  2. Enter the title of your FAQ. (This is usually in the form of a question the user is likely to ask)
  3. In your page content area, enter the answer to your question.
  4. Optionally add a category, or set multiple categories for the FAQ item.
  5. Click Publish

Your new FAQ will now be available on your /faq page.  If you added a category, it will automatically be filtered the other FAQs of the same category, if a user clicks a filter.

FAQs have the added benefit of boosting SEO, because your faq posts will automatically be added to the category and single post index with all the necessary schema data already created. You don’t need to worry about creating schema or trying to optimize keywords for SEO, as this is already built in with your GravityCerts hosted website.