Your GravityCerts hosted website has the ability to create user accounts for your clients, office staff, agents, and agency owners.  Anyone can easily create an account to manage their profile information, and speed up their quote form input by auto-populating quote forms with user data.

If you have a GravityCerts Agency Pass account, and have a Nowcerts account, you will have the added benefit of your own custom Client Center directly on your website. No iframes, no embed codes. Nothing. Just API integration awesomeness. When your client creates an account, then visits their client center page, they will be able to view all their policy information, contact information, toggle between multiple accounts, and more.

Note on password management:
If a user cannot log into their account on your website, the person simply needs to click the Forgot Password link underneath the login dialog box.  Once the person enters their email, they will be sent an email to change their password.  You don’t need to manage passwords for users yourself, as this is managed automatically by the website.

Here is a quick overview of the various user roles available on your website, and who should have these roles.


Who: Any general user

A subscriber user role is the most basic user level on your site. This person has chosen to create an account. Their abilities include managing their quote form submission information, accessing their client center if they are a client, and managing their account information.  Account management includes being able to change their own information such as name, phone, address, marital status, etc., and the ability to change their own passwords.


Who: Agency VAs

The author role has limited ability to create and edit Contacts, Mortgagees, Condo Associations, etc. on your Agency Dashboard Website. This role is typically reserved only for Agency VAs. As a safety precaution, these users only have the ability to create and edit content, but do NOT have the ability to delete anything.


Who: Agents, CSRs, office staff, etc.

The editor user role can be provided to office staff, CSRs, agency VAs, agents, etc. These are people who are employees or have contracts with your agency. These users can log in to create quote proposals on your website. If you have a GravityCerts Agency Pass you will have an Agency Dashboard Website. Editors are allowed to create and edit Contacts, Mortgagees, Condo Associations, etc.


Who: Agency owners, trusted account managers, marketing managers, etc.

The administrator has the highest level access on your website.  This user has full access to create, edit, and delete setting throughout your website. This user role is provided by default to agency owners. Agency owners can also create other administrators, but please be careful.  This should be a person you trust, such as an account manager, marketing manager, spouse, etc.