Your GravityCerts hosted website comes with a number of helpful custom shortcodes that you may use throughout your website.

What is a Shortcode?

A shortcode is a small piece of code, indicated by brackets like [this], that performs a dedicated function on your site.  You can place a shortcode just about anywhere you like, and it will perform that specific function on your page.

Any of these shortcodes below can be copied and pasted directly onto your page. The most common are to place one of these shortcodes is in the main page content area. Some of these shortcodes can be customized by adding things called “parameters” that look something like this:

[shortcodename parameter="example"]

If any shortcode below has a parameter option, it will be explained, and shown what the available options are.

Is there anything “bad” about using a shortcode?

Nope. You may use any of these shortcodes as much as you like on the page. You may even use many of these multiple times on the same page. Just remember, if you don’t spell the shortcode correctly, it just won’t do that shortcode function. Instead, it will just display as text.

List of GravityCerts Website Shortcodes

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