Each license you own is linked to one subscription, which is linked to one payment method. Payment methods are not stored or managed as part of your account, but as part of the license. As such, they are updated in the Licenses section of your account area. You must enter the payment method each time you complete a new subscription, and from that point on renewals will be handled automatically using the on-file payment method for that license.

“Payment Method Expiring” Warning

Our billing system will email you when your card is about to expire. Additionally, we will email if an attempt to renew your license fails. In that case, you have a few extra days to update the payment method before the system will retry again. Don’t delay! If you fail too many renewal attempts, your license key will be canceled and cannot be restarted!

If you stored a credit card on multiple licenses subscriptions, note that you will have to update each one separately by repeating the process below for all such licenses.

How do I update my payment method?

  1. Log in to your GravityCerts account page and click the Licenses button.
  2. Each License is linked to its own payment method. Look for the (update) option listed after the next payment date.
  3. To switch payment method between card or Paypal, click Change Payment Method.
  4. Complete the form for the payment method chosen and click Update.

You will need to complete this process for each license that uses this card.

GravityCerts does not store details of your payment method. We use industry leading secure payment gateways and processors that utilize verified tokens for passing around subscription purchase approvals. All pages where payment method details are requested are hosted directly by the payment processor. In this way, your credit card numbers and PayPal credentials are not stored by us, not exposed to any of our employees, and are not transmitted through our servers. All that is shown as part of your account is incomplete details, such as the first and last credit card numbers.